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About the Author

Hi. My name is Robert.

I live in Southland New Zealand on a small lifestyle block with my wife Suzanne.

Some years ago I had this urge to write a book. Being a railway enthusiast I began with a railroad story. I tried and tried to make something that made good reading; instead, it sounded like a user manual for model makers. I put the idea on the shelf.

However the urge to write was still there, so I decided to find out a bit more about the actual art of writing. Well……I soon realised why my first try didn’t work. I think I made just about every mistake that one can make.

Again I tried to work on the railroad story. This time it got better but was little more than a Novelette.

It just didn’t work!

At this point, I put writing aside for a while. Then one day while relaxing in our little motorhome, out at a beach, a story came began to run around in my brain. I started to make sketch notes. By the end of that day, I had a story outline, but no idea of its content, or title.

Out of all that arose my first novel “Kennard’s Valley

Now started the real journey. I have just finished the sequel, and have other stories in the line. I have also written a few short stories. Have a look at Books and Short Stories.

I will also take you on my journey about becoming an author, and hopefully give you some tips on —- Writing Historical Fiction.